“Hope the collaboration is successful. If this develops into a real partnership the agency you are providing consultation services for will be second to none in providing quality and culturally competent residential supports and services to Latino individuals that also have MH diagnoses.  The #1 behavioral health provider [ABS] teaming up with this agency, is a dream come true for me.     -Case Manager

“Just wanted to extend our many thanks for all ABS has done for our clients.  We have seen a huge difference in J. and R.  They have mastered some of their positive self attributes and are quite proud now when it comes to their manners (and so are we).  We are still working on promoting some other positive behaviors.  It is also refreshing for us, as staff, to change our own perspectives while we work.  By focusing on the positive in the clients we don't pay mind to all of their idiosyncrasies.  The little things, which used to make staff nuts, stay little and shifts go by sometimes effortlessly.   I have to admit, I was apprehensive at first because we were, and are, combating some major staffing issues, but so far so good!     -Assistant Residential Manager

““Thanks for all your help.  I can feel the team coming together better than I originally thought possible. J is progressing nicely with the plan. She has been up each morning and attending all groups consistently for several weeks.  She remains on 15 min checks…we have been increasing her privileges accordingly.  I am pleased (and a bit surprised with her sustained progress).     -RN, Nurse Supervisor