Addicted Professionals Treatment

Michele Vezina LADC, LPC has extensive experience providing individual and group therapy to addicted healthcare professionals who face unique challenges in their road to recovery.  Weekly therapy groups are well established, currently serving over 30 recovering individuals including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, nurse anesthetists, dentists, psychologists and social workers. Michele's work with these patients addresses the following problems:

* Having served as a "hero" in a malfunctioning family and continuing the hero role in a career and lifestyle.

* The compelling nature of the high profile helper role which offers an escape from the challenges of one's personal life. 

* The dichotomy of navigating successfully in a chaotic and stressful work environment and feeling lost in one's personal life. 

* Coping with demanding schedules where one is chronically exposed to the pain, suffering and traumatization of others and where there is no room for error. 

* Seeing oneself as a failure because addiction is seen as a contradiction to personal and professional standards and expectations. 

* Facing the resistance to seeking help, feeling more comfortable and established as the helper for others.

* The challenge of relapse prevention in the context of constant exposure to narcotics in the work place,

* The impact addiction has on professional status, licensure and employment.